Thursday, November 15, 2007

Much ado about nothing....

After weeks of studying the American Contractors in Iraq website and Cindy Morgan's blog, I have determined this is much like a Seinfeld episode - it's about nothng......
I found this video of their much touted "convention" and could count the attendees without having to take my shoes off. If it was as bad as they claim, perhaps this HUGE room would have been fuller? I kinda feel bad for John Bootie - I went to his website and he seems like a good guy, but this has to be embarrassing for him. Too bad.....

Anyway, I decided not to waste any more time on this. After reading the sound off board, it is like the inmates are running the asylum...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Mullah Crowder Issues A Fatwah

ACII has changed its front page. The videos and invitation to the lawyer symposium were moved to another page and in another example of ignorant arrogance, the Mullah Crowder is DEMANDING answers!

I know its hard to keep from laughing your ass off at these silly-ass people, but read on................

"Madame Elaine L. Chao Secretary of Labor,This is your responsibility to protect the health, safety, retirement security, of American workers. We demand your response now."

Don't the judges, politicians and even the Secretary of Labor realize they must answer to the Mullah Crowder? After all, she says she is "all contractors" (see previous post) - you MUST answer to her - or else......

It seems that by hanging around the blame KBR/Blackwater first crowd can hurt your chances in a lawsuit..... Perhaps the sue KBR crowd should have gone to a lawyer first and not the Mullah Crowder?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey, Crowder - get a life yoursellf

So, according to Ms. Crowder, if one questions her or Queen Morgan, they are attacking all contractors? This person is so self absorbed it's beyond believable! For someone to actually take this person seriously is even more unbelievable.
She makes accusations about anyone who doesn't belong to her fan club - without the lawyers she plays up to, she would be just another Ron Paul nut with a website.
So, all of you who have gone to Iraq with KBR, DynaCorp, Blackwater or any of the rest - according to Ms Crowder, you cannot function without her, her lawyer friends and Cindy Morgan's blathering on about her personal life on a blogtalkradio show that maybe a handful of people listen to. Crowder tells me to get a life, maybe she should get one of her own instead of living someone else's???

Their is a website or BLOG who is out to SLANDER Contractors, She as already made some slandering comments about Cindy Morgan using a user name "javajena" which to not mistaken as "javajana" owner of ACII. I am sure a lawsuit is in the makings.... she has a jealous beef with Cindy Morgan which I find sick and twisted! Maybe it was her husband? LOLGood Grief is what I say! Get a life and help your fellow americans, seems she has lots of time to do so! Jana Crowder- javajana not Javajena!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What is preunconditioning?

The below was posted by the Administrator of the ACII Sound off board. What IS unpreconditioning, anyway? This is supposed to be the "leader" of this litte group, too. Someone should tell her - spell check before you post!

I missed this part of math class, so the whole thing is pretty much lost on me.......

PTSD/ PreconditionedExample....Stairs built in America are plus or minus a 1/2" Your brian is Preconditioned to how high to pick your foot up. This is why you don't trip or fall down stairs without thinking."Preconditioned-so you don't have to think to walk up the stairs"Example two... Driving in IraqIf on a daily basis you are Preconditioned to swerve at anything in the road due to possiable IED's. Over a period of time your brian is Precondition so you don't even have to think about swerving to miss the object in the road. Now with that, would one think that if you are preconditioned in Iraq to think a certain way, that Unpreconditioning would need to be done to prevent an accident back home in America? Take this FACTs of the stairs and the math to other situations that exist in a WAR ZONE and figure out how PreConditioning might affect the way you live the rest of your life without the HELP of being UNCONDITIONED to it. IE...Driving in American after Iraq

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Contractor Convention in Houston

Well, according to ACII and Morgan's blog, they are having a little gathering in Houston with a couple of lawyers. Morgan is even going to grace their presence with a LIVE BROADCAST on BlogTalkRadio.
Who is funding this stuff? The consistantly job-hopping Morgan or Jana Crowder's ACII?
Any thoughts? Just trying to get the scoop on who they are and are they "real" or not.

Cindy Morgan

Cindy Morgan's blog is filled with alot of inconsistancies.
Morgan worked for KBR, then IAP. Her book details "relationships" with married contractors while a member of some yahoo group for wives of contractors. Sick...
She came home blogging about having PTSD while promoting her book. Suddenly, the PTSD is gone and she joins the Army (maybe to boost SLOOOW booksales on She blogs about her knee hurting and her back hurting and got discharged from the Army.
Now she has a BlogTalkRadio show talking about PTSD again.
What's up with that? The last post on her blog was a big whine fest because she twisted her ankle getting out of her truck. Good grief! Makes one wonder how she ever survived Iraq.

Friday, October 12, 2007

What are American contractors in Iraq?

I have become interested in the subject of contractors in Iraq after reading a book called "Cindy In Iraq", which tells the tale of a woman trucker who left a bunch of bad decisions behind to go to Iraq to drive a truck.
Intriguing as the concept was, the book was a bit mediocre, but left me asking, who is Cindy Morgan? I mean, everyone has a book these days, I saw Monica Lewinsky's book at the Dollar Tree!
The purpose of this blog is to find out all I can and post it here - the good, the bad and the ugly.